The Ice Cream That Deserves a Halo on Top

Posted by Halo Top Creamery | @halotopcreamery

How many nights a week do you sit down with a tub of you-know-you’re-gonna-regret-this ice cream and wonder when you will actually go through with the diet you were supposed to start Monday morning three weeks ago? If you’re any normal human being, the answer is probably between four to six days a week. This would be acceptable if there existed an ice cream that was delicious and healthy for you. A supposed rarity…

Now for the big reveal. There is—Halo Top ice cream, boys and girls. If a pint of this is not already sitting half-eaten in your freezer, you need to fix that situation pronto after reading this article.

Halo Top is our new favorite low-cal, low-sugar and high-protein tasty dessert. Whip out your spoons because this ice cream won’t cause you hours of shame and regret after finishing an entire tub (an occurrence that happens more often than not). With only 240 (or 280, depending on the flavor) calories per pint, why wouldn’t you eat it all?

There are several flavors to choose from including strawberry, vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon cake, mint chip, chocolate mocha chip and birthday cake. And, no, it’s not like every other “healthy” alternative to junk that usually tastes like either chalk or erasers. This stuff literally tastes like ice cream, a.k.a. really good. There’s no icy texture or bland flavors to worry about.

“I’m obsessed with it,” says junior public relations major Madeline Marino. “I probably finish two to three of them a week and don’t even feel bad about it.”

The all-natural ice cream has no artificial sweeteners, no synthetic growth hormones, no corn syrup and is vegetarian-friendly! Since there is no artificial softeners mixed in, either, it may freeze a little more than other ice creams, so be patient with your pint as it takes its time to defrost.

Halo Top is 100 percent worth your time and taste buds. Ben and Jerry’s better step up their game, otherwise the world will turn to the healthy side and opt for Halo Top over the classics anyday. To be completely honest, that’s where we stand right now.