The Great Boot Debate

Posted by L.L. Bean | @llbean

Winter is in full swing here at Penn State and with the snow coming in full force, a quality pair of snow boots are a necessity. If you are walking around campus at any time during these winter months you are bound to see either Hunter or L.L Bean boots. But, which one is really worth the money?  Valley did some digging on these two popular boots that are dominating campus this winter. 

From the dreaded trek to your 8 a.m. to the late night coffee run to Starbucks, Valley has all the information you need on which snow boot will get you the most bang for your buck this winter season. To splurge or not to splurge?

Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots, coming in a variety of colors, are about $175. The Tall, Original Color Haze Boots are designed to keep feet dry through the sleet and rain, while still maintaining a stylish image. The boots are crafted with rubber, and are said to be 100 percent waterproof.

The cute rain boots also come with a microfiber lining to keep feet warm all winter long. You can pair them with the Hunter boot socks for an extra cozy layer. Although the knee-length boots are the most common, Hunter also make the boots in medium and short lengths. 

Bean Boots

Bean Boots, the other popular shoe of choice on campus, are $119 and come in six shades, the most popular being the Tan/Navy. The bottom of the boot is equipped with rubber chain-treads to help with traction, while the inside is kept warm with leather. What attracts people the most about these beauties is the leather upper that sheds all rain and snow while you walk.

Although the original, classic L.L. Bean boot is the most popular around campus, the brand also makes boots with a fleece lining designed for the most treacherous weather conditions. These boots will cost you $149, but are rated just as highly as the original. 

Valley decided to put these two boots to the test. After trying on each pair and walking around in the snow, Elyse Sanford, a freshman, decided that her Hunter boots came out on top.

Sanford says, “I like my Hunter boots because they’re comfortable, really durable in the rain and snow, and fashionable at the same time. You can pair them well with almost any outfit.”

So, now that you’ve got the facts, are you team Bean Boot or team Hunter Boot?