Rent Your Way To A Fashionable Night

Posted by Rent the Runway | @renttherunway

From New Year’s Eve to formals, weddings to date nights, and so many more occasions, it seems like there is always an event coming up. With every new event comes a new outfit. Buying a whole new ensemble each time gets costly as well as creates unnecessary clutter. Not to mention that outfit repeating, though sometimes necessary, is not as fun as slipping into something fresh.

If you feel yourself struggling with this exact problem, Rent the Runway is your solution. The site offers a unique service in which you can rent anything from a ball gown to a skirt and so many things in between. It’s like having a very fashionable sister that doesn’t mind sharing her clothes and happens to be the exact same size as you.

One of the sites helpful features includes the ability to search for a dress based upon the occasion. The site offers options such Graduation, a Military Ball, a Wedding, a Gala, etc. For a full list of occasions visit the site here.

Another useful option is being able to search by delivery date and size. That way, if you waited until last minute to find an outfit, you can see what items will be able to make it to you on time.

Once some dresses catch your interest, make sure to check out the customer reviews. The reviews go above and beyond to offer information such as if the dress ran small or large, what the color was like, how people reacted to the dress, and even real-life images of customers wearing the dress. If all internet shopping had a customer comment section of this caliber there would be a lot less regrettable internet purchases.

The system works just like it sounds. You are able to rent anything on the site and have it shipped to your doorstep. It is recommended that you choose a delivery date one to two days before your event. The site has a policy that if you don’t love the dress you ordered, they will overnight you a new one or you can run to one of its stores and make an exchange. You can keep the item for a four-day period (recommended for weekend events) or an eight-day period (recommended for vacation trips). The best part? Returns are free! That’s music to Valley’s ears.

Though the main emphasis is on dresses, the site offers a ton of other items such as tops, all types of accessories, jumpsuits, and skirts.

In Valley’s opinion, Rent The Runway is changing the very concept of online shopping. The New York Times described the site as “A Netflix model for hot couture.”

Have an event coming up with no clue what to wear to it? Rent the Runway not only has some guidance for you, but also has a deal where you can get 20 percent off your first order! Happy shopping!