The Final Days: Looking Back on the Last Four Years

AudreyCillo.FreshmanVsSeniorPerspectiveOnYearThe semester is quickly coming to an end, and seniors are preparing their caps and gowns.

Now that most of their work is done, they have the time to look back on their years at PSU and think about what they would have done differently, or what they know they did right. Meanwhile, high school seniors are preparing to make the biggest move of their lives thus far.

PSU is a huge place and takes a little longer to navigate than smaller schools. There are so many groups and classes and, heck, people, that it can all be a little overwhelming. Luckily, Valley’s here for those who need a little direction.

We caught up with a few seniors who had some words of wisdom to share with incoming freshmen.

Sam Davis, an elementary education major, said that finding the right club is what made her feel at home at PSU.

“Find one club or organization to be super dedicated to. Take some time to decide on it because it’s important to make sure that you are putting yourself into a good friend group,” says Davis, “once you find your place on this campus it feels more like a home and less like an overwhelming mess of people. As soon as I became involved in Thespians my happiness level shot up because I finally had a place that I belonged.”

Brianna Serrano, a Grad student studying college student affairs, agreed that having a good group to integrate herself into helps make her feel at home, even though she’s thousands of miles from her home in California. “Be involved and take advantage of every opportunity!” Serrano says.

Lauren Singer believes that regularly checking up with professors is the way she maintained her awesome grades throughout her four years, and figured out what exactly she wanted to do.

“Meet with your professors in the classes you end up loving. They can help you figure out career paths and other classes to take that are similar. It’s how I found out my passion, that I’m now going to get my Ph.D. in!” Singer says.

Jeff Amos, a food science major and future med student, says that four years aren’t as long as you think, and that taking the time to experience new things was really worth it for him.

“Take advantage of every opportunity that you can,” says Amos, “there is so much stuff going on every day here and it is all different and exciting. Try something new every time you can.”

Erin DiCamillo’s short and sweet advice resounded with the other seniors. “College is the best four years of your life – don’t waste time stressing. Work hard and live it up!” says DiCamillo.

Freshmen, a lot of the information you’re missing from those “Welcome!” packets can be found in your fellow peers. Never hesitate to ask questions, because after four years, seniors will have gotten to know Penn State like the back of their hands. Never hesitate – just ask. You never know what you’re going to find!

Photo by Audrey Cillo 

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