Miranda Hobbes — The Unsung Hero of SATC

Photo from HBO

When you think of “Sex and the City,” does SJP in a pink tutu dress or a killer pair of Manolos immediately pop into your head? Carrie Bradshaw is the revered icon of the ever popular “Sex and the City” franchise, but is her claim to the throne of TV royalty truly warranted?

Now, don’t get us wrong, VALLEY loves Carrie, there is something about her that feels so relatable; could it be the love for great shoes, or our tendency to give that sucky ex one last chance?

We know that on any SATC character quiz, the answer everyone dreads getting is Miranda, but why? Unpopular opinion: Miranda Hobbes is the true heroine of the show. Miranda is always depicted as cynical, cold and style-impaired, but is this criticism justified?

Photo from HBO

Miranda is the most intellectual of the group (she graduated from Harvard), and most of the series highlights her work and determination to reach partner at her law firm. Because of the immense amount of time she puts into her job, Miranda’s love life isn’t always the most lively or glamorous in comparison to her friends. Even though Miranda is single more often than the rest of her clique, we should admire her drive to climb the hierarchical ladder of her patriarchal industry. Miranda reminds “Sex and the City” fans that no man should come before a career that has taken many years to establish.

While Carrie spends season after season running around New York City after Mr. Big and ruining healthy relationships (like the one she had with Aidan!) in the process, Miranda cuts her losses with her exes and moves on maturely.When she had Brady, Miranda and Steve were broken up, yet she was amicable about co-parenting, proving that she can handle being a mother without having the 1950s nuclear family dynamic (take notes, Charlotte York).

All of the women on the show have their own unique style: Carrie is the risk-taker, Charlotte is preppy, and Samantha has the power publicist look down on lock. Miranda has the more “boring” closet selection, opting for a subdued color palette and sneakers over pumps. But given the recent popularity of the “French girl” look, it seems that Miranda’s style (turtlenecks, trenches, and sleek suits) seem to be extremely on-trend.

While Carrie holds a special place in the heart’s of the loyal SATC fanbase, these mere observations suggest that Miranda gives Carrie’s Louboutins a run for their money.


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