Perfect Curls: Easier Than You Think

SiruWen.Curling Hair2 (2)Curls and waves are in.

Whether it’s your natural hair or you want gorgeous curly locks for a night out, curls are a fun, chic look. However, as every girl is unique and beautiful in her own way– including the hair on her head. Freshman and beautician Isabella DiBileo breaks down the do’s and don’ts of curling hair.

“Many people are intimidated by the idea of curling their hair, but it can be easy for anyone if you follow a few simple steps,” DiBileo says.

If you have hard-to-curl hair (such as pin-straight), she advises that the best thing to do is plan a day in advance. Let your hair dry naturally and definitely don’t use a straightening iron.

“[The] second day, dirty hair is better than freshly showered hair for long lasting curls,” DiBileo says.

For every hair type, DiBileo says not to use the clamp on a curling iron (wands, anyone?). She also insists that the best place to begin a curl is the root, not the end.

“So many girls make the mistake of starting from the bottom and rolling up. However, the problem with that is your curls get bottom-heavy and pull down, eventually flattening the style.” DiBileo says. She also says you should curl your hair in sections.

To begin curling your hair, point the curling iron downwards and wrap the section of hair around the iron as close to your scalp as possible and away from your face. Hold the hair carefully with the tip of your finger for about 10-15 seconds and then release. After, you should have a gorgeous curl.

DiBileo says to use hairspray as you curl your head of hair, but don’t over load – helmet hair isn’t cute. Protecting your hair with a heat-protecting product is important so the iron doesn’t leave permanent damage to your hair.

After you are completely finished with curling every section of your hair, a trick DiBileo loves to tell her clients is to flip your hair over your face while bending down. Then, quickly flick your hair back behind your head. It’s an easy way to add natural volume and spray it to set. You can also tousle your fingers through your hair and shake the root for a natural, full look.

Photo by Siru Wen

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