The Brady-Bündchen’s Plant-Based Diet

Photo by Sidney Tep

People are always wondering about the latest celebrity fitness trend or diet. Whether or not you’re a Patriots fan, there’s no denying that Tom Brady is a Super Bowl-bound powerhouse. Not to mention his wife, Giselle Bündchen. As a couple that needs to be in tip-top shape, you have to wonder what this family is eating. The Brady-Bündch (sorry, it was too easy) is known for eating a plant-based diet. VALLEY did some research to find out exactly what a plant-based diet is.

What is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet is exactly what it sounds like—a diet in which 80 percent of the food you eat is whole, unrefined plants. Fruits, vegetables, tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots), whole grains (quinoa, rice, barley) and legumes are the main food groups that plant-based dieters can consume. This means no processed food, and no, definitely no pokey sticks. A big misconception, however, is that a plant-based diet means no meat or dairy, but this isn’t true. In fact, according to his cookbook, “The TB12 Method,” Tom Brady still eats chicken and salmon, accompanied with a lot of vegetables of course. Brady also writes that the key to his diet is drinking anywhere from 12 to 25 glasses of water a day.

Is it dangerous?

The main concern for someone wanting to start a plant-based diet is making sure you are still getting the proper amount of nutrients, specifically protein. Some choose to completely exclude meat and fish from their diet, which can seriously affect protein-intake. The main concern for someone wanting to start a plant-based diet is to consult with your doctor. Drastically changing your diet can have negative health effects, especially if you aren’t getting the proper vitamins and nutrients. A doctor can help make sure your diet is balanced and recommend any additional vitamins.

Why go plant-based?

Not only is it better for your body to eat less meat, but it’s also better for the environment! A plant-based diet ensures that you are putting food into your body that is filled with vitamins and nutrients. Plus, you know exactly where that food came from; unlike the chicken you may be eating for dinner. Research from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that a diet high in fruits and vegetables can help lower your risk from chronic disease and lower blood pressure.

What are Tom and Giselle eating and not eating?

In addition to following a plant-based diet, Tom and Giselle stay away from inflammatory fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and eggplants. They also don’t consume coffee, caffeine, fungus or dairy. It’s no wonder that they look the way they do after finding out what they eat and what they don’t.

Of course, this diet comes at a higher price tag. Buying all fresh, non-processed vegetables and fruits is not always realistic for a college student. But, if you’re interested in learning more about a plant-based diet, check out “Cowspiracy,” “Forks over Knives” and “What the Health” on Netflix.