Not All Beauty Products Are Created Equal

Photo by Elise Derstine

Have you ever taken a look at the long list of ingredients on the back of your bottle of face wash? Can you pronounce even a fraction of the words listed on the back of your favorite eyeshadow palette?

Photo by Elise Derstine

It can be a scary thing when you finally muster up the courage to look up what exactly phthalates and parabens are. It’s even scarier when you read about the potentially harmful effects they can have on your body.

If you find yourself curious as to what this all means and how you can make healthier choices in cosmetics, then you’re in luck because VALLEY has a solution for you.

The Ugly Truth

Photo by Elise Derstine

It’s easy to assume that all of the products on the shelves at the store are safe for us to use. Unfortunately, that “organic” and “all-natural” face wash you’ve been using for years may not be so natural after all.

Due to the limited number of regulations in the beauty industry, companies can label their products as “safe” and “natural,” when actually, their products are far from it.

Chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, triclosan and toluene, among hundreds of others, have been labeled as endocrine disruptors, immune system disruptors and, most commonly, carcinogens.

Even worse, all of these chemicals are found in most of the beauty products found in stores. “It’s scary,” says education major Brooke McGovern. “You assume that the products you’re using are healthy for you, when in reality, they have crazy chemicals in them that are potentially harmful. It makes you rethink your product choices.”

How To Fix It

Photo by Elise Derstine

Luckily enough, with a plan and some internet access, you can be on the road to making healthier cosmetic choices in no time.

With the app Think Dirty, you can easily find out whether or not your current regimen is in your best interest. Think Dirty calculates the risk of thousands of products for you.

Photo by Elise Derstine

Simply scan or type in the name of one of your products and Think Dirty will give it a numbered rating. The lower the number, the healthier the item.

After receiving the rating, you can scroll through the ingredients to see exactly why the product got the rating that it did. Even better, you can also use the app to find healthier alternatives to your old favorites.

“This app makes it so simple,” McGovern adds. “I’m definitely interested to see what happens when I scan the rest of my makeup.”

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