TBT: The AIM Era

aim_logo_2.jpgFor many of us, AOL Instant Messenger was the first way we were able to really communicate with our friends outside of school. When obtaining a cell phone was still just a dream, our desktop computers were there to fill the void.


What We Loved

The AIM profile and away messages were works of art. It is easy to remember spending excessive amounts of time searching for the perfect font, crafting the perfect message and carefully selecting the people to mention in our profiles (as if it were some great honor to be included). An AIM profile would usually include some long, deep quote, a few inside jokes with besties and of course, a section dedicated to the boyfriend.

<3 9.13.06 Josh <3

Away messages were equally as artful. It was important to let people know what you were doing, who you’d be with and again that you totally loved your boyfriend.

Admit It

AIM was responsible for probably more than one middle school relationship. After school we would run home, scribble through our homework, get online and spend hours talking to that “special someone” (otherwise known as boyfriend of the week). In person, though, it was a whole different story. Talking to their face was, like, sooooooo awkward. Talking through a computer wasn’t nearly as scary. Luckily, AIM died out and so did being scared of boys.

Also admit: We know its creepy to admit, but you can’t try to tell us that you never set an alarm to warn you when your crush signed on and off AIM. You just can’t.

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