TBT: The Top 10 Men of Our Past

Their (beautiful, gorgeous, dreamy, angelic) faces were the first to grace our bedroom walls. They were our first television crushes. They convinced us that cooties were nothing more than speechlessness at their perfection. They gave us hope that boys could be mature and have the qualities of a good man. Though it’s possible we love these characters even more in the present as we did then – here is our list of the top 10 men of our past.


10. Shawn Hunter (Boy Meets World)

Shawn Hunter was the original bad boy, wooing our television screens with his best friend Cory. Shawn taught us that it was okay to goof off from time to time, as long as we were funny and loyal to our friends.


9. AC Slater (Saved By the Bell)

Slater was the perfect addition to Saved By the Bell. He had such an air of confidence about him, and his perfect face and chiseled muscles just added to his dreaminess.


8. Jack Dawson (Titanic)

Jack is an obvious pick. He met Rose, convinced her not to (literally) jump ship, and then gave up his life for her. Jack showed us all what true love was, even if it only lasted for a few days. He will seriously never let go.


7. Ryan Atwood (The OC)

Ryan was irresistible in his black tank top and choker necklace. He came to Newport Beach, Calif. from a broken family and a life of crime, and still managed to land the most beautiful and popular girl in school. Props, Ryan.


6. Uncle Jesse (Full House)

Anyone who tries to say they didn’t think Uncle Jesse was dreamy is lying. Jesse’s little quirks such as his obsession with hair perfectly complimented his musical talent and leather jackets.


5. Zack Morris (Saved By the Bell)

Zack was the smoothest boy in the game. He could get away with just about anything, and did so with such style and grace. Zack’s blinding blonde hair and killer smile gave him such an air of innocence, but he made sure to let us know what he was capable of.


4. Cliff Pantone (Bring It On)

Missy’s brother in Bring It On was the outcast. He was the rock star funny boy who came to a town full of male cheerleaders (so underrated, by the way) and managed to get “Your caption Torrance!” to fall for him. His messy hair and band t-shirts were irresistible.


3. Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill)

Nathan Scott, star of the Ravens basketball team transformed from the cocky athlete to the oh-so-sweet-athlete/high-school-husband. Nathan was a star attraction from the start, but our hearts grew so much for him as his love grew for Haley.


2. Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill)

Lucas was Nathan’s estranged brother for a while until the two became close. Though the two were solidly equal looks wise, Lucas brought something else to the table. He was an intellectual, emotional and highly attractive author who made our hearts melt with every quote he recited.


1. Seth Cohen (The O.C.)

Our number one spot goes to Seth Cohen, the most lovable nerd we have ever known. Seth went from being totally off the radar to dating and eventually marrying the girl of his dreams. His curly head of hair and extensive list of quirks made us laugh every episode and certainly made us look twice at the boys who remained quiet in the back corner of our classes.

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