Tai Chi > Chai Tea

It’s week six of classes which means a lot of things: stress, at least two exams, a strong addiction to caffeine, a break down in the library, and eating way too much (or not at all). You probably don’t have enough time for sleep, let alone time to go to an exercise class.

But this isn’t your typical workout class. Give your mind a break and allow your body to heal this Thursday, September 29, from 5 to 6 pm. In room 117 in the White Building, PSU Fitness brings you a Tai Chi class!

Tai Chi was designed to help you work on breathing and to increase ones mental, emotional and physical health. Therefore, taking an hour off from studying will be more useful for your physical and mental state than spending that hour holed up in fourth floor Paterno.

This class is an excellent way to handle stress while still getting your exercise in for the day. Plus, why not take a break from the typical Butts and Guts or Power Remix and try something new?

A gym membership a per-registration is required. Sign up here.