Top 7 Places to Take Your Visiting Friends

Spring semester brings around good weather but also texts and calls from long-distance friends saying that they miss you and asking if they can come visit for the weekend. You scramble to get your room or apartment clean and to get to the grocery store because you know that for others, eating a whole bag of chips for dinner is not acceptable. After all that is done, now what?

Besides the obvious choices of nighttime activities, what will you do during the day to give them the full Penn State experience?

Valley has the answer! Here are seven places to take your visiting friends to give them plenty of reasons why Penn State is the best.


What’s a visit to Penn State without a trip to the creamery? No ice cream will ever compare for them again. Plus, they’ll finally understand why you’ve been raving about it for months — or years!

Shopping Downtown

College Ave and Beaver Ave have great stores and restaurants. From Urban Outfitters, to Metro, these places are great for some late afternoon browsing with a coffee in your hand. For some other non-traditional places, check out Webster’s bookstore or Gemelli’s bakery.

Mount Nittany

Spring semester brings about that — slowly — improving weather, so if you wake up on Saturday or Sunday morning and the sun is shining, take your friends to Mount Nittany for a hike. This trail is perfect for non-regulars, and will take 4-5 hours to see the whole mountain. If that seems super long, it takes just under 2 hours to circle the top. For more information, visit Mount Nittany’s website.

The Naked Egg Café

Just a short 10 minutes drive down College Avenue, an affordable and delicious breakfast is waiting for you. Avoid the downtown lines with their coffee bar and a wide selection of breakfast foods. The Waffle Shop will never be the same after going to The Naked Egg Café.


If you are lucky enough for some Happy Valley spring weather, grab some lunch and a blanket and bring it to the Arboretum! Picnic outside while enjoying the flowers, trees, beautiful gardens and fantastic views.

Lion Shrine

The Lion Shrine is the epitome of Penn State. The shrine is the second most photographed landmark in Pennsylvania, following the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, so if you are willing to wait in the line that usually forms to get a picture with it, it’s a must! This will be a perfect memento of your trip for years to come.

Old Main

There’s nothing like Old Main on a beautiful day. Listen to the bell chime, feel the breeze and just hang out. Old Main is also a great place to people watch as students, families and residents come together and spend some time on this beautiful lawn.

There are plenty of activities to keep both you and your guest occupied throughout the weekend. You really can’t go wrong wherever you go so have fun and make the most of it!