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DIY: Lace-Up T-Shirt


Forget about those overpriced store-bought shirts, and make as many of these DIY ones as you want. Throw it on for a daylong or if you want to be comfortable but still look fashionable at the same time.


Tai Chi > Chai Tea


This class is an excellent way to handle stress while still getting your exercise in for the day. Plus, why not take a break from the typical Butts and Guts or Power Remix and try something new?

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Blend It Up: Smoothie Guide


Whether you are in a rush and need a quick breakfast solution or you want a light dinner, smoothies are an easy way to fuel your body and fill your stomach. Valley is here with five easy smoothie recipes that will add to your healthy diet!

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Penn State Pride Week


Each spring, the LGBTQU Student Resource Center celebrate the identities within the LGBTQQIA community through Pride Week, where there are events and activities every day to show Penn State’s support of the community.