DIY: Lace-Up T-Shirt

Posted by Kallie Kaiser | @KallieKaiser

Instead of spending anywhere from $50 to $70 on a store-bought lace-up t-shirt, spend $5 at Walmart, $2 at a consignment shop or find an old shirt that’s been shoved in the back of your drawer since high school, and transform it with this DIY.

This simple eight-step process will show you how to revamp your old t-shirts!

What You’ll Need
  • T-Shirt (Size or two bigger than what you normally wear)
  • Ruler
  • Sharpie or fabric chalk
  • Scissors
  • Fabric adhesive
  • Leather tulle with eyelets
  • String/Cord
What To Do

1. Lay the shirt out flat, and make sure all the seams line up.

2. Take the ruler, and draw two lines starting from the edge of the collar seam and going down, forming a large V (draw the V as low or as high as you’re comfortable with).


Posted by Kallie Kaiser | @KallieKaiser

3. Cut along the lines. Don’t cut out the collar!


Posted by Kallie Kaiser | @KallieKaiser

4. Lay the leather tule along both sides of the V, measure, and then cut it.


Posted by Kallie Kaiser | @KallieKaiser

5. Glue the very edges of the V, and press one side of the leather tule into the glue, securing it on. Only glue the very edge of the leather, because you need the eyelets open to lace the string through.


Posted by Kallie Kaiser | @KallieKaiser

6. Wait for the glue to dry all the way.

7. Lace the string through the eyelets, however tight or loose you want it. Then, tie it off at the bottom of the V, so it’s hidden underneath the shirt.


Posted by Kallie Kaiser | @KallieKaiser

8. Put it on!


Posted by Kallie Kaiser | @KallieKaiser

It’s as simple as that! Forget about those overpriced store-bought shirts, and make as many of these DIY ones as you want. Throw it on for a daylong or if you want to be comfortable but still look fashionable at the same time. And the best part is, nobody else will have the shirt, and you can make it exactly how you want it.

Pictures and Inspiration from here.