Support a Healthy Lifestyle (and THON) with Blueprint Exposed

Photo posted by Blueprint Exposed | @JoePT_SamRD

Let’s face it. Even though most of us have the best intentions to live healthy lives, we get tempted by the occasional Frappuccino or skip the gym because we can’t get motivated. Before we know it, we fall into a fitness rut where we feel like we’re losing all control of our bodies, diets and positive mindsets. We tell ourselves that it’s time to change our unhealthy habits, but we simply don’t have the motivation, the confidence or the nutrition knowledge we need. This sporadic lifestyle can make attaining our dream bodies more difficult, not to mention extremely frustrating. Fortunately, two Penn State alumni are here to share the secrets the health industry doesn’t want you to know with their eBook, Blueprint Exposed. In their eBook, they guide readers to a healthier and happier life through personal growth, motivational techniques, informed nutrition choices and developing a physique to be proud of.

Besides the fact that they are fellow Nittany Lions, why should you trust the lifestyle advice Samantha Pappas (c.o. 2013) and Joseph Leone (c.o. 2011) written in Blueprint Exposed? Well, because they’re trained professionals. Although they have never met in person, Sappas, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Special Events THON 5K Chair during her 4 years at Penn State, is a registered dietitian and Leone is a physical therapist. The motivation for writing Blueprint Exposed was to utilize their professions to break readers out of the unsatisfactory fitness industry cycle and into a truly healthy lifestyle.

“Joe and I are both medical professionals who see clients day in and day out. We constantly have clients that are following a ‘fad’ diets or following a crazy workout regimen that puts them at high risk for injury. We both love helping people and wanted to create a quick read (under 200 pages) that encompasses all of the pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, motivation, and lifestyle,” says Pappas.

As if you need any more reason to snatch up Blueprint Exposed on Amazon right away, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to THON—a cause both authors are passionate about and wish to contribute to year-round.

“When I look back at my Penn State experience, THON was the center piece. There is no better feeling than knowing that all of the hours of hard work you put in are benefiting children and families who are battling pediatric cancer. I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to be a part of something post-grad that can benefit people’s health AND contribute to THON! Double win!” says Pappas. Starting June 1st, one dollar from every book sold will be donated to THON.

Whether you’re not seeing enough results with your current fitness plan or need a complete lifestyle change, Penn State alumni Samantha Pappas and Joseph Leone of Blueprint Exposed have got you covered.

Download your eBook here and feel good knowing you’re supporting THON and are one step closer to the healthy lifestyle you deserve. Pappas and Leone prove that we can continue giving back to Penn State even after graduation!