2017 Class Gift Campaign Invites Proposals From the PSU Community

Photo by Ruijia Zhang

A tradition started by the class of 1861, the class gift has been proven to enhance our campus for the better time and time again. Had this tradition never taken off, keystone landmarks, such as our beloved Lion Shrine, would have never been built. As a gift from the class of 1940, the Lion Shrine has been the star of our photos, enjoyed by generations of Penn Staters.

Last year, the class of 2016 made a sizeable endowment to the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) knowing the stresses college students go through, which will benefit the entire student population for years to come.

The Class Gift Campaign is now accepting proposals from the entire University community for the 2017 class gift that will be added to the list of cherished and meaningful contributions to our campus.

According to Sis-Obed Torres, the 2017 Class Gift Campaign executive director, “Each class gift is more than a donation to the University– it’s an opportunity for every class to start their legacy, which will echo through Penn State’s history.”

The Campaign is calling on all students, faculty, staff and alumni to cast their proposals to www.classgift.psu.edu by 11:59pm on Sept. 16 and the committee of University staff, students and faculty will select the top three proposals. Senior students will then have the opportunity to vote for the winning proposal this fall on the Class Gift Campaign website.

Questions about gift proposals can be directed Geoff Hallett, class gift advisor, at gdh15@psu.edu and for more information about the class gift program, visit their website.

The Penn State community can follow the @PSUClassGift account on Twitter and Instagram and hashtag their support with #StartYourLegacy. You can also “like” their Facebook page, “Penn State Class Gift” for a chance to win prizes.

Torres says of the class gift tradition, “It shows the power of how a group of students can make a difference for those who come after them.”

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