Striking Streetwear at Seoul Fashion Week

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If you’re on the lookout for some autumn style inspiration, look no further than the streets of Seoul during their fashion week. Women, men and even children were serving a blend of edgy and cultivated looks while managing to give it their own South Korean flair. The following trends were the most commonly spotted where all the action was happening.

Monochromatic Outfits

Whether it was an all-black ensemble or an outfit drenched entirely in neon, show-goers managed to make the monochromatic trend anything but dull. One way to make this look a little less daunting would be to try breaking it up with accessories or using different materials.

Bold Prints

Leopard and snakeskin were extremely prevalent throughout fashion month and have managed to make their way from the runways to the masses. Seoul fashion week was no different; however, street style stars also introduced us to a new way to wear the most traditional of prints, such as plaid and argyle.

Suit Sets

In a mix of ‘matchy-matchy’ suit separates and some undone looks, Seoul street style mavens rocked the not-so-professional business look. They even amped up the appeal with bright colors and even layering some sporty pieces underneath for a relaxed yet fashionable feel. It was also not uncommon to see these pieces being worn with a chunky sneaker or combat boot.

Bold Hair and Makeup

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Despite the weather being somewhat chilly in Seoul, the people were still drenched in warm and vibrant colors — especially evident in their hair and makeup styles. When it comes to high fashion, neon hair and makeup may not be very common in other parts of the world, but for Asia it is rooted in their pop culture. Rumor has it that when K-pop stars would get ready to release an album, they would dye their hair a different color to give their fans a heads up. For these stars, it is a way of changing up their appearance based on the vibe of their new songs. Similarly, Seoul show-goers also use the bright colors to take their looks to the next level as well as let their own personal flair shine through.

Whether it is K-pop or K-beauty, people are now looking to the East for the newest trends. Play around with these trends in your upcoming ensembles to see if you can bring a little Seoul to State College.


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