State Patty’s Style – Green is the New Black

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If you don’t wear green, you get pinched. We don’t make the rules. As students kick off the Penn State-created holiday, State Patty’s Day, fans of the festivities bring the spirit donning green clothes head-to-toe and Saint Patrick’s day accessories.

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In many closets, green doesn’t seem to get the same amount of love as go-to classics such as white, red, black and blue. It’s important to note that green is not one exact shade — finding a shade of green that goes best with your appearance can make the color less intimidating. 

Another key point to remember is that green can be your outfit’s pop of color instead of its main color. This can help tone down the color’s brightness and can allow the piece to be reused in future outfits.

Amazon offers fast shipping which helps with your online shopping. Plenty of online stores offer green staple pieces and a quick search can lead you to various results. Another way to keep an eye out for green is by looking around here in State College. Student-created pieces have been selling online on platforms like Instagram and can either be delivered or picked up if available and local.


Basics: Staple items are key to any outfit. Have a green top in your closet? Perfect. These items are great for being worn on multiple occasions and anything can work for your State Patty’s Day outfit. By sticking with any green top, you automatically match the theme. If you aren’t too keen on wearing all green, try a black or white top — this room for accessories to bring the spirit.

Humor: Wearing a funny shirt that relates to the theme is a perfect way to bring humor and fun to your outfit. Various stores have put their festive spin on classic slogans and are selling them at an affordable rate.

Pattern/Design: Going with the classic green shade and incorporating patterns can help your State Patty’s Day outfit keep up with the latest fashion trends. Tie-dye sweatshirt-tops are a recent trend seen on TikTok and can lead your outfit on a fashionable, yet comfortable path. Not all tops need to explode with color — a simple graphic does the job while keeping it simple yet effective.


Basics: Jeans galore! Available in different styles and colors, jeans keep your State Patty’s Day fit clean and classic. Try pairing your green top with white or black denim.

Going Green: As mentioned previously, green comes in a variety of colors. From sweatpants to corduroy pants, there’s plenty of stylist green looks both comfortable and fashionable. Colored bottoms are best styled with a basic top in order to stand out against a neutral tone.

Pattern/Design: Checkered and gingham-printed pants have been a key role of the recent patterned pants trend; green checkered pants have even been worn by social media influencers like Emma Chamberlain. Sweatpants styled with decals like stars or flames are another great option, and green is readily available right now. These pants would typically be worn with a neutral top to enhance the features designed in the clothing.


Aside from the typical party store-esque beaded necklace and a leprechaun hat, you can find accessories to compliment your hair and outfit at many stores nearby and online.

Bandanas: Bandanas have been a popular accessory for decades and are a key accessory for many holidays. With new ways to style bandanas popping up online every day, the accessory’s popularity has definitely increased. With a newfound social media presence, bandanas are being used as a hair accessory to mimic the way scarves and headbands are used in Europe. With a simple YouTube tutorial, you’ll be on the way to looking like you’re strolling along the road in Italy. Bandanas are sold in a variety of colors; however, white and black can be used as staples or if you’re looking for that pop of color, green would be the color of choice.

Sunglasses: Reuse is key for many sunglasses. Getting a key color that can be worn time and time again allows for it to become a staple item. Sunglasses come in various shapes and styles allowing it to best suit your facial features. Amazon offers sunglasses at all price points, but this specific pair allows for the simple shape to be featured alongside multiple outfits to bring in a pop of color or flare! 

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