So Typical Penn Stater Wardrobes

ManninoWardrobesCollageCollege is about expression, and when students are wrapped up in extra-curriculars and classes, there’s no better way to express yourself on-the-go than through your style. But take a closer look, and the Penn State campus has an interesting take on fashion. Think Animal House meets Pretty Little Liars, and then add a blasé attitude. Whether you’re buying books downtown or in a class in the Forum, there’s no way you won’t notice these overly-worn styles. Sure, you may read these and think ‘Psh, that’s not me.’ But let’s be real, if you haven’t participated in one of these wardrobes, there’s a really good chance you don’t even go here.

The Wannabe Equestrian

Do you like shiny, new leather? Do you claim to know how to ride horses, even though anything bigger than a small Pomeranian scares you? Do you own more than one pair of yoga pants? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations! You’re a Wannabe Equestrian. For the past couple years, once the Pumpkin Spice Latte hits the local Starbucks, the riding boots come out to play. When fall rolls around, suddenly every girl on campus looks like they’re about to compete in the Kentucky Derby. Freshman Marisa Iglesias isn’t abandoning this trend any time soon. “I enjoy it. I take part, definitely. I jumped on that bandwagon. No shame.” Every girl on campus has, at some point, taken part. And there is definitely no shame. Who cares about horses when your legs go on for miles?!

Hobo Chic

It takes a master to perfect this look. You’re not quite on the homeless side, but you’re definitely no Beyoncé (and let’s be real, no one is, because Beyoncé.) Madison Baer, 18, pegs the philosophy 98 percent of campus holds near and dear to their just-rolled-out-of-bed hearts. “Unless I’m giving a presentation, then yoga pants meets sweatshirt. Makeup optional. I ain’t got nobody to impress.” Applause, please.

The Voguers

Forget State College. Forget Centre County. This is New York Fashion Week. The fluorescent lights of the classroom, the runway up the Pattee Mall – it’s all SO GLAMOROUS. Classes aren’t about learning; it’s about channeling your inner Kate Moss.

Oh wait. This is actually a college campus. Turns out you don’t need to strut your stuff in Steve Madden wedges from East Halls to the library at 11 am on a Tuesday. Oops.

Fratboy Fabulous

If you read “Fratboy Fabulous” and immediately pictured Timberland boots and a Greek letters sweatshirt, or even a button-down J. Crew shirt and Sperry’s, chances are you’re in a fraternity yourself (or you took a look outside your dorm.) Hey man, go you! There’s nothing wrong with displaying who you party with on the weekends. Represent and take pride. None of us know what half those letters stand for anyway.

Despite an apparent eclectic mix of style, no one can say that Penn State isn’t diverse. Freshman Ryan Kipp sums up Penn State Wardrobe to a T: “Everybody’s different. It’s what they prefer. People are allowed to wear what they want.” Well said, sir.  Though you can easily pick out these styles in a Monday morning crowd, to each his own. More power to you, and carry on. This isn’t high school anymore; let’s take advantage of an environment where no one actually cares what you look like.

Photos by Gabby Mannino


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