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Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 8.26.30 AMFilms have been made to recreate not only the way we view society but also how we act and dress. James Bond revolutionized the tuxedo for men, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo inspired the punk era to once again reign. This year is no different, and 2014’s Academy Award Nominees for Best Costume Design, The Great Gatsby, American Hustle, The Grandmaster, 12 Years a Slave, The Invisible Woman, are meant to inspire. Here’s a fashion guide from transforming the glamorous costumes from the silver screen to everyday life.

The Great Gatsby

From the low-waisted dresses to the art deco sparkled designs, the classy costumes from The Great Gatsby has got you covered in any social situation. Whether this means attending formal to just hanging out, evoke the luxurious side of the 20’s with scarves, sequins, and a headband. By braiding a silky patterned scarf into your hair or wearing an embellished headband you can easily look like Daisy. An elegant sequined dress or chunky metallic jewelry can add excitement to your outfit when going to a formal event.

American Hustle

The style of American Hustle was revealing and glitzy, all while maintaining the “I just threw this dress on” look. None of the clothing was incredibly tight, yet all of it was incredibly sexy. So for any nighttime party when you feel especially daring, go for the flowy and plunging v necklines and open backed tops and dresses. Also, wearing teddy lingerie as a top or tank top can even be a more casual alternative. For hair that looked like J-Law’s wear a loose bun on your head with several strands pulled out.

The Grandmaster

Get Asian inspired, by wearing the simplistic and elegant clothes found in The Grandmaster. These looks can be worn on a casual winter day by wearing monochromatic colors such as black or white. Many of the shirts and dresses also had high neck lines so try wearing a turtle neck that can be made of anything from cotton to lace.  Wearing an embroidered item that particularly has lace can make a unique addition to your closet. Lastly during a cold winter day wearing a faux fur coat can add to the elegant factor found in this film.

12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave incorporated many clothing aspects of the mid-1800s. Since the film took place in the South, many of the characters wore more airy cotton items. Wearing a flowy, cotton, boho dress can make a casual yet stylish outfit on a summer day. Also try wearing a cotton peasant top in all different designs. This could mean a peasant top with shoulder cut outs or even a cinched crop top. During a more upscale occasion, while all the formal dresses in 12 Years a Slave were conservative, you can evoke the same feeling with a cinched waist dress with a full skirt.

The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman took place in a similar time as 12 Years a Slave. Many of the dresses worn were conservative with high necklines and yards of fabric in the skirt. While these dresses are not practical in 2014, film lovers can still take inspiration from the costumes found in this film during very formal events. Wearing a ball gown skirt with layers of fabric on top all while wearing neutral colors can easily be modern. Inspiration can also be taken from the suited men in this film. Wearing a textured blazer or wool coat can add a vintage and classic look Charles Dickens, the main character, would have most definitely worn.

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