Six Tips to Self-Tan Like a Pro

Spring has officially arrived, which means that the semester is almost over and summer is so close. This also means that it is almost time to lounge on the beach with friends all summer long. After a long winter in State College, it’s almost guaranteed that your skin has not seen much sun and you’re the palest you’ve ever been. We have all been there. Having even a subtle glow when you put on that bathing suit for the first time of the summer can make you feel so much more ready to hit the beach. Using self-tanner is much safer and healthier than using tanning beds or laying out in the sun. It’s hard to get your self-tan to look perfect, but following these six tips can help you get that look of a natural, sun-kissed glow without too much effort.

Make sure you shave before

It is so important that you do everything else in your beauty routine before you tan, like painting your nails or putting on a face mask. This is especially important when it comes to shaving. Always shave your legs 24 hours before you plan on self-tanning. Shaving after you tan can remove the tanning product and leave your tan streaky and blotchy. If you shave too close to when you plan on tanning, your skin will be dry and your pores will be open, also leading to an uneven tan. Plan accordingly and shave the night before to avoid a streaky tan.


Start by exfoliating

Right before you are about to self-tan, make sure you exfoliate your body. Using a body scrub in the shower before can help slough away any dead or dry skin on your body. This will help you avoid a streaky tan and will make your glow look more natural.

Next, moisturize

After exfoliating in the shower, it is always a good idea to moisturize your skin. Using a body scrub to exfoliate can leave your skin dry if you do not follow up with a moisturizer. When applying body lotion, make sure you focus on areas that tend to be more dry. Putting extra lotion on your hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and face, will ensure that these areas do not end up darker than the rest of your body, again leaving you with an even, natural tan.

Use a mitt

To apply the self-tanner, be sure to use a mitt designed specifically for this purpose. Self-tanning mitts are designed to apply the tanning product evenly and easily. If you do not have a mitt, you can use your hands, although your tan might end up looking streaky. If you do use your hands, be sure to wear gloves so your hands do not end up tan all over and darker than the rest of your body.

Start from the bottom up

Starting your self-tan from the bottom of your body and working your way up to your arms, chest and face can make a big difference in whether or not your tan looks fake. Start with your ankles and legs and work your way up to your stomach, back and shoulders. End with your arms, chest and face at the end. This process helps prevent any weird creases in your tan from bending over as you apply the product.

Skip your hands and feet

Your hands and feet tend to absorb more product than the rest of your body and often end up looking darker and unnatural as a result. It is easy to tell that someone’s tan is fake if their hands and feet look dark and streaky. To avoid this and get a natural look, do no apply any additional tanner to your hands and feet. After applying self-tanner to the rest of your body, use whatever is leftover on the mitt to buff out your hands and feet so they come out looking more natural.

Self-tanning is the easiest and safest option for getting a natural, glowy tan for the summer. If you do decide to self-tan, the last thing you want is for it to look streaky and fake. Try some of these recommended self-tan products to achieve your best faux tan before you hit the beach.


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