Salt Life: The Beauty Benefits of Saltwater

Photo by Ryan Salamo

Summer is here! It’s time to swim-suit up and head to the nearest beach. Lounging out on the sand can be enjoyable, but you could be depriving yourself of some major benefits if you’re not spending some time in the ocean, too! Salt, though not always excellent for the interior of your body, does wonders for the exterior.


Typically, everybody goes to the beach so that they can walk away with a bronze glow, but the only thing they’re doing to achieve this look is laying down and occasionally rolling over for hours on end. The most effective way to tan at the beach is actually down by (or in) the water.

Part of the reason that lifeguards get such a great tan is from standing in front of the water all day. The rays reflect off the surface of the water and produce a faster, more intense tan. After submerged, the salt in the seawater attracts the sunlight and contributes to a darker tan. Moisture is also great for absorbing sunlight, so make sure you are continuously keeping your skin wet so as to avoid dry skin which could result in peeling.


Salt water can also be good for your hair, but it is very heavily dependent on the type of hair that you have. So long as your hair isn’t usually bone-dry, there are no damaging effects to worry about. In fact, it has the opposite effect for those with oily or greasy hair. The salt in the water dries the hair out and relieves any kind of itching or dandruff that you may have. While the salt may dry out your hair, the cold water balances it out and locks the moisture in, leaving your hair with a beachy look.


Being at the beach already feels magical on its own, it’s only fitting that the ocean has healing powers for your body as well. Saltwater has the ability to absorb oils and cleanse your pores, leaving your body refreshed and glowing. It is a natural exfoliant, which means that it removes dead skin cells. The body manifests these benefits physically in clear skin, healed cuts and scars, reduced wrinkles as well as softer skin and cuticles. Though salt tends to dry out skin, salt water is actually considered very hydrating and promotes overall renewed skin.

The ocean is notorious for being cold which often prevents most of us from going in, but it’s summer! It’s hot out that you’re sweating and the ocean water is here to cool us down. If the cold is still bothering you anyway, try to gradually desensitize yourself by slowly walking into the water and submerging each part of your body, one by one. So next time you’re at the beach, Valley suggests that you beat the heat with a nice, cool dip in the water. Get everything out of the beach that it has to offer and stay #salty.

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