Quiz: Can We Guess What Year You Are?

Photo by Kate Perkins

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior, your answers to these questions could determine what year you actually are, or what year you act like you are. Take it and find out!

How often do you go to frats?
A. When my friends drag me to a day long
B. Only every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night
C. Never
D. Once in a while

What’s your favorite pizza place?
A. Brother’s
B. Canyon
C. I make my own
D. Digorno

In your free time you..
A. Don’t have free time
B. Party and hang with friends
C. Sleep
D. Study

How often do you cook for yourself?
A. As often as I order food
B. Never
C. Whenever my significant other comes over
D. A good bit

You like studying…
A. At a secret place you found
B. Anywhere you can find
C. At your place
D. At the library

Something you signed up for this year is..
A. A good thing to put on a resume
B. THON committee
C. You didn’t sign up for anything
D. Club sport

The first thing you do when you wake up for class is…
A. Do last night’s homework
B. Hit the snooze button
C. Run because you’re late already
D. Make coffee

How often do you take the bus?
A. When it happens to pull up as I’m walking that way
B. Whenever I can catch it
C. Never
D. For every class on the other side of campus

How often do you skip class?
A. Only when I’m really hungover
B. Skipping class?
C. It’s a weekly thing
D. Only when I sleep through my alarm

You wear what to class?
A. Gym attire
B. Stuff my parents got me
C. Pajamas
D. Shorts and a t-shirt

You Instagram…
A. Every time I go to the bar
B. Every time I go out
C. I just scroll through it when I’m bored
D. Anytime I get an Instagram-worthy picture

If you answered:

Mostly A’s
You’re a Junior!
Yep, you’re in your third year of college already and it’s going by fast. Things are different than the first two years for sure, but you’re figuring them out one day at a time. It’s the year most juniors turn 21 and get to start going to the bars instead of frolicking on frat row. Taking more classes in your major is another perk of becoming a junior, but it comes with the price of studying a lot and really focusing on what’s important to stay on track towards graduation.

Mostly B’s
You’re a Freshman!
You’re in your first year of college and loving it. Sure you think going to Frats is the best thing to do on a weekend evening and you can’t seem to find that perfect study spot, but you’re having a great time. You are making new friends, joining groups and clubs but also studying and keeping up with all those classes. Getting the hang of college isn’t an easy thing especially at such a large school. But Freshman are the crowd that everyone is jealous of because they have the most time left here at Penn State.

Mostly C’s
You’re a Senior!
Unfortunately it’s your last year here at Penn State but you’re making the most of it. By now you have mostly everything figured out. From finding the perfect party on the weekends to the perfect study spot during the week. You cook for yourself (most of the time) and rarely care what you put on for class. You are graduating soon but you know your future is bright because you graduated from Penn State.

Mostly D’s
You’re a Sophomore!
Some call this the year when you slump, the year when things get serious and harder than you expected. Your classes are challenging and you’re figuring out what clubs to join and how you want to spend the last couple years you have at college. No matter what, you have a solid group of friends by now who you can rely on for anything. You’re spending your first year in your own apartment and learning to cook for yourself and take care of things in the process. Don’t worry about the slump because sophomore year is as good as any year when you spend it at Penn State.