Feelin’ the Flu

Photo by Susannah Foos

If you’ve sat in any Penn State class ever, you’ve probably heard at least ten people with a cold sneezing and coughing like crazy. These symptoms travel campus quickly, coming and going throughout each semester. These little head colds have even earned themselves the famous title, “The Penn State Plague”, even though they’re not that serious.

What can be serious, though, is Influenza Virus (a.k.a. the flu). The flu is a really common infection that spreads easily, especially between large groups of people. One way to prevent the flu, though, is by getting a vaccine.

Most of us know the flu shot; some of us get them, some of us don’t. But how important is a flu shot? Valley decided to investigate, and find out just how essential the flu shot really is.

We asked Erin Weber, sophomore nursing major at Penn State, what she thinks about getting the flu shot. She says, “I think it’s up to each individual and their preference. To me, it’s especially important for college students to get the shot because of the large population here, and increased risk of exposure to the virus.”

University Health Services (UHS) and the College of Nursing recently started the “#PSUFluFight” campaign to encourage students to get vaccinated. Flu shots for students will be offered from September 28 until October 29 at UHS. Students can make an appointment, bring their PSU ID and insurance card, and get a flu shot for $25. This year’s vaccine is said to be even more effective than it has been in past years, since it contains four different strains of the virus.

If you’re considering getting vaccinated, you can make an appointment with UHS by clicking this link! http://studentaffairs.psu.edu/health/


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