Pros and Cons of a Long Winter Break

Pros&ConsOfALongBreakLaurenJohnsonIf you attended Penn State last year, you remember the infamous two-week winter break that gave us barely enough time to finish off our holiday sweets before heading back to school. This year we’ve thankfully been given three weeks (or four if you were one of those lucky “no-finals” students). But let’s be honest –- I’ve seen the tweets and the statuses, and it seems like most people are starting to miss dear old State. Here are the pros and cons of having a long winter break:

Pro: Almost every other school has winter break during the same time we do, which means longer time with your high school friends.
Con: Some of your best friends may live on the opposite side of the state, a different state or even a different country.

Pro: More time at home means more time being able to go to your favorite places.
Con: You probably have to drive to get to places instead of hopping on a free bus or walking.

Pro: Free laundry service (thanks, Mom!).
Con: There’s really no con for this one.

Pro: No classes, no homework, no exams.
Con: Chores. And for some people, regular work.

Pro: Having a room to yourself – more alone time, not needing to worry about waking up someone else or you being woken up.
Con: You don’t live with your best friends, which brings us back to the first con.

Enjoy your break or miss State more than you ever thought imaginable, either way we’re soon to be headed back. So make the most of what’s left while you join us in looking forward to a brand new semester.

Photo by Lauren Johnson


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