How to Occupy Your Time During Syllabus Week

oberdorf_syllabusweekAs the end of break has finally reached a close, this can only mean one horrifying and lovely thing: we’re coming back to State College.

The horrifying part? School is starting again. The nice part of jumping right back into classes? Syllabus week. A week where the homework load is light, classes are short and there’s a ton of free time. So instead of binge-watching Netflix, try something different and explore the campus. Here are some of the ways to spend your first week before having to hit the books again.

Join a New Club

There are so many new clubs around campus, but attending a new club meeting can be hard with all the extra homework involved with being a college student. Syllabus week is the perfect time to try all the clubs you have wanted to check out since freshman year.

Find a Cozy Café

Having roommate, friend or any problem at all? Cafés are the true solution to any of these problems when you just need some space. During syllabus week, try finding a café that you can escape to. Whether it’s for studying, reading or just to chill at. The coziness of a café can really ease your nerves and make you feel comfortable in whatever situation. And hey, who doesn’t love some food and coffee while you study?

Tip: Try checking out Webster’s Café, it’s my personal favorite

Try a New Exercise Class

It’s always a struggle returning from winter break and getting back into a fitness routine. If you have a gym membership, trying a new class can encourage you to stay active. Amidst the painful sounding classes of Calorie Killer and Total Muscle Conditioning, syllabus week is the perfect time to try these classes out when you don’t have any possible excuses about how much homework you have.

Explore the Museums on Campus

If you have never been to a museum on campus this is the perfect thing to try out during syllabus week. Whether you’re interested in agriculture, earth science, art or even sports, there is a museum for almost any interest. The All-Sports Museums even has tours for those days when you have long breaks in between classes.

Photo by Victoria Oberdorf

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