Ways to Re-Set Yourself for a New Semester

ResetYourself2A fresh semester can be cleansing for the soul, especially if you start it the right way. Explore these helpful tips on how to smoothly make your transition into another semester:

Clean up your computer desktop

Desktop files accumulate faster than we often realize. Take time to organize your electronic files and place items you don’t need in the trash. It’s amazing how much of a difference this simple task can make. Sorting through folders and files can quickly prevent clutter and unnecessary stress.

Go through your wardrobe

Everyone has a sweater that is just not as fun as it used to be. Pick through your closet and be a tough critic. There’s a good chance there’s a few pieces in your wardrobe that either don’t fit you or fit your current style. Bring unwanted clothes to a thrift shop for a few extra dollars, or donate your clothes to help those in need. Not only will you feel good, but you’ll have a wardrobe full of things you only love and enjoy.

Give your room a deep cleanse

Who has time to clean when there’s everything from class and exams to work and meetings? Before another round of jam-packed exhausting days, give your room a thorough wipe down – especially in forgotten nooks and crannies. Clean your fridges and microwaves, throw away unwanted papers and vacuum all floors.  The amount of hair that can collect on the floor is scary, especially if you live with a roommate. Start the new semester squeaky clean.

Visit your advisor

The first week back during a brand new semester in any advising office is always crazy, but make sure you schedule an appointment to touch base, even if your appointment isn’t during that first week. It’s important to keep in close contact with your advisors, especially as you near graduation.

Plan a new gym schedule

A new semester means new classes, which usually means a new fitness schedule. Sit down and figure out the best times for you to hit the gym throughout the week that work around your new class and meeting times. It’s harder to deviate from a schedule once you make a plan.

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