How Often You Should Really Go Out During Syllabus Week

DSC_2364The beginning of each semester eases us back into classes by allowing a somewhat slow-paced first week. Because very little homework is due and full attention isn’t necessarily expected in classes, some students take the opportunity to go out every single night of the week.

Some of us have become accustomed to going out Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and therefore have learned how to stay out late and still attend all classes. However, going out Monday through Sunday can cause quite a toll on our bodies. And as we grow older and older, it’s getting more and more difficult to bounce back from a late night of partying.

For some of us older students, we’re going into our seventh or eighth syllabus week. But this time around, the much-anticipated week may appear frightening and evoke a feeling of nausea rather than a burst of energy driven by the opportunity to rage with your peers for seven straight nights. 

Hopefully at this point in our college careers, we can establish that FOMO, or fear of missing out, is nothing more than a contrived anxiety we create as an excuse to devote ourselves to Saloon for another night of Monkey Boys. Therefore, we can distinguish yearning to party with our friends from forcing ourselves out the door to be where all our friends are. So take a second to think about what your true intentions are for the night.

As if we need more reasons to be sad that we’re years past a sweltering summer session in South, recovery time from a long night out is more intense and exaggerated as we age. Some of us may need to spend the week after syllabus week recovering. This means walking in late to class and missing homework assignments because our minds are simply not in school mode yet. Therefore, it takes us until the third week to get on track.

However, there is always a flip side to every argument. The long recovery period might be worth being able to hit Phyrst, Den, Brewery, Zeno’s, Pickles, Café, Indigo and the ‘Gaff all in one week with all of your friends you’ve missed over winter break. You can even squeeze in two karaoke nights with that party regimen.

So to answer your question, “Should I go out every night of syllabus week?” consider a few factors. First, do not feel guilty about missing out on a night if you do not actually want to go out. Second, as we grow older, it is more difficult to bounce back the next day. And last, to contradict the previous two arguments, this is the least academically stressful week of the semester. With that- Happy syllabus week! And may the odds be ever in your favor.


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