Finding the Right Club for Your Personality

SabineC.Club1In a big school like Penn State, it can be hard finding your niche. With the many clubs and sports you can join, it can be even harder deciding which one to join. But if there is anything you do know, it’s your personality and interests. So whether you consider yourself a bookworm who doesn’t enjoy the big parties to the loud extrovert who does, here is a guide to helping you find you’re the right activities for you.

You’re an extrovert:

As an extrovert you probably enjoy talking, love the limelight and the bigger and brighter social scene. You are able to converse with random people easily and do not enjoy being confined to one place. You are sometimes described as having a big personality, and you love to perform. Extraverts should try going into a performance club. This could mean anything from joining No Strings Attached, a non-exclusive a capella ensemble to Singing Lions, a singing and dancing ensemble. If singing isn’t your thing, and you aren’t coordinated enough to dance, try an acting or improv group, such as Full Ammo Improv Troupe.

You’re an introvert:

You can be quiet and enjoy listening to others rather than talking. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice. You enjoy having deeper, philosophical conversations about your interests. Also you typically prefer smaller groups and enjoy some alone time as well. If you are an introvert, joining a philanthropic organization is perfect for you. By joining a philanthropic club you can work with others or by yourself depending on the activity. For introverts who prefer to sit down and converse, try joining TED Talks x PSU. TED Talks are known across the globe for teaching empowerment through speeches. Although they are no longer taking applications at the moment keep checking their website at

You have an adventurous spirit:

You constantly think about traveling someplace else, even though you might have just done that over winter break. For you culture isn’t just something you learn about in class, it’s something you experience. It’s plain to see that you have wanderlust… constantly. For the adventurer within you check out culture specific clubs. This could include anything from the Cercle Francais, PSU’s French Club, to El Club De Español, the Spanish Club and the Indian Culture and Language Club. Many of these clubs are even accommodated for beginners. For the free spirited, you can even have adventure right within University Park.

You’re a bookworm:

Any free time they have, a bookworm can be found behind the pages of their latest science fiction voyage to a story of a romantic escapade. For the bookworm in you, try making your own book club. Or better yet for all the Potter Heads out there, try joining the Three Broomsticks, a Harry Potter Club that meets every week to fawn over their love for Harry Potter. If you’re more of a film buff, be sure to check out the Student Film Organization. SFO watches and discusses films together, all while organizing multiple film festivals.

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