Where to Go Swimming in State College

Swim.JosePThe sun is finally starting to show its rays, and Penn State students will be here to soak up every last one of them. The time between the freezing winter and sweltering summer doesn’t last nearly as long as a normal springtime. Soon enough, we’ll be looking for places to take a dip. Luckily, there are various paces to go swimming in the State College area.

Spring Creek

Try cooling off at Spring Creek, located at 800 E. Park Ave. in State College.

“You can get in the water, but it’s pretty shallow. But if you go out further, it’s deeper and you can swim,” says Marisa McGuire, sophomore supply chain major.

McGuire grew up and attended high school in State College, so she’s been around for many summers. McGuire also says that there is a park, baseball field, volleyball court, basketball court and grills available at Spring Creek. Grab a couple of your friends and make a relaxing day out of Spring Creek.

Whipple Dam State Park

Another destination to take a dip is at Whipple Dam State Park. McGuire says the drive is a little farther, but if you have access to a car, it’s an easy ride. Whipple Dam is more like a beach than Spring Creek. It has sand and deep water to swim in. You can also rent pavilions for picnics or canoes and paddleboats to use for the day. Whipple Dam is perfect for going swimming and throwing a little outdoor get-together with your peers.

Private Pools

This is the time to become friendly with students living in University Terrace or The Retreat. Residents of these apartment complexes have unlimited access to the swimming pools. Try to tag along as a guest to take a swim and lounge by the sparkling blue water.


The McCoy Natatorium has an outdoor pool that will reopen in May. The Natatorium outdoor pool is a great place to hang out when the weather gets nice. There are countless lounge chairs and plenty of open grass beds for tanning on your towel. It’s also filled with students looking to have a good time. The cost to get in is only $3 per day.

Community Pools

There are a few community pools available for student use. McGuire recommends William Welch community pool, located at 670 Westerly Parkway or Park Forest community pool, located at 2100 School Drive. These pools cost $9 per day and open at the end of May.


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