Essentials for Getting Road Trip Ready!

Photo by Jess Cartwright

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and that means road trip season is upon us. Road trips are meant for loud music and long highways where you and your friends talk about anything and everything. The best time to road trip is usually in the summer because school is off and most of us are free for a quick road trip. Before you start your trip, there are some essentials you may need for your journey. Here are some things to help you get road trip ready!

Drivers License/ Car Registration

Don’t forget to bring both with you in case you get pulled over on a highway in Ohio because not every state has the same laws when it comes to driving. You want to make sure you are always prepared.

Great music playlist

This is a major key because all road trips need tunes you can jam to and the radio gets repetitive. Spotify is a great thing for this because you can always create a playlist between your friends and you all can add your favorites.

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks

You’re not always going to be near a rest stop or gas station so you need to make sure that you stock up on goodies for those long highways. Yes, ruffles and hot Cheetos are great snacks but try to also include healthy snacks as well that will keep you energized and awake (especially if it is your turn to drive). Trail mix and nuts are always a good snack to have in stock.

Portable power device

The GPS app sucks your phone battery dry and you don’t want to use up all your car gas on trying to charge your phone. Having a portable power device, preferably one that is battery operated will help you out in the long run when your phone is close to dying when you are trying to take a picture of the sunset during your trip.

Physical Map

GPS can only work for so long and just in case you lost your portable power device, a physical map will be your life saver. Plus, using a real map is fun and you can plot where you have been and keep it as a souvenir.

Positive Attitudes

There may be times when you may start to get angry at little things – it’s natural when you are out on the road for a long time, but don’t let it get to you. If things are not going your way at the moment, just breathe and focus on the positive things that have been going well during your trip and find a plan B.

Great Friends

Road trips are a bonding experience and you want to make sure that you are sharing these moments with people who truly care about you and who positively impact your life. You’ll want to look back at these moments and smile and reminisce with your friends.

Of course, there are many more things that you can add to your own list. But if you do go on a road trip this summer, always remember to be careful and drive safe on the road.