Elizabeth Fernandez: A Model For Positivity

Photo posted by @theofficiallizmarie on Instagram

Elizabeth Fernandez radiates positivity the moment you talk to her. For her, it is all about being independent and fearless, but at the same time she says she feels as though she is on a “mission to inspire people.”

Liz attends Penn State Altoona and is working towards a degree in business communications. “Business communications gives me a platform for being an entrepreneur,” she says. “I want to create my own brand, I never want to be apart of a brand.”

Photo posted by @theofficiallizmarie on Instagram

It has never been easy, however. In fact, Liz’s positivity comes from being strong despite the setbacks. Growing up in a small town and a very corrupted home, Liz says, “I want to be that person that I needed when I was younger, because I know there are many people who need that.” The person that did that for Liz when she was growing up was her aunt. “She always told me ‘go for your dreams, don’t be afraid to take that leap,’ and I didn’t really have that when I was growing up.”

So how does she inspire people? By simply being optimistic and showing them that they can also be positive and create their own opportunities. One way she does this is through her social media presence. Her Instagram bio reads, “one desire, it’s to inspire.” As you continue to scroll a common theme begins to appear: confidence. She showcases a very real look into her life, from her modeling shoots to pictures and videos of her working out.

Constantly improving herself and working towards her goals, the gym has become a kind of haven for Liz. “I am always in the gym,” she laughs. “I love working on myself and on my body.”

Liz even brought her beautifully wild curls and shining personality to VALLEY’s fall issue as a model for the fashion spread. However, for Liz modeling is about much more than showing off the clothes. “Throughout my photos I emphasize being natural and being myself.”

In a college community it is easy to simply focus on yourself and your own goals, but Liz feels best when she is lifting other people up as well. She only really lives by one motto: “never let the opinions of anyone else dictate how you see yourself.”


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