Pretty Little Pants

It’s time to get creative, get bold and get funky fresh. You may be wondering: “How?” Well, VALLEY is here to tell you, it’s all about the pants. We are obsessed with patterned pants and how fun they are to wear. Patterned pants are becoming a more common trend and each pair gets bolder and bolder. Believe it or not, these pants can be very versatile – with different colors, patterns and prints you can get really creative with your looks.

Patterned pants work for any and all seasons. Although we are saying goodbye to summer and all those cute, frilly dresses in your closet, there is no need to fret as you can still step out in style with a fresh pair of pants. Thicker material in darker colors is perfect for winter or fall fashions. Pair it with a tight turtleneck, tucked or untucked, then dress it up or down and strut your stuff! By tucking in tops and adding belts you can easily give a more defining waist look. Or you can pair the pants with bulky, chunky sweaters for an easy go-to everyday look. If the pants flare you can pair them with little booties to really draw attention.

Photo by Matt Brownlow

As we hit those nice fifty-degree days in the fall, you can use this to your advantage. Before layering and bundling up you can break out different colors and patterns with the pants of your choice and then pair them with a cropped sweatshirt and you have a trendy yet edgy outfit. Hopefully, we all own at least one graphic t-shirt in our closet; throw that tee on and you’ll be gettings envious looks of how cool you, your graphic tee and your pants look. When in doubt throw on your basic white or black top then off you go. A plain top with big statement earrings is cute, fun and flirty — this way, you can rock the pants yet draw attention to your beautiful face! One last look to rock is finding a matching top to the pants and make it a set. This is the perfect outfit for those rare warm fall days.

So far, the pants we have talked about are a bit more formal compared to leggings. However patterned leggings have become just as prevalent, if not trendy, as well.

Although these pants are made for exercise, leggings and yoga pants have turned into casual wear. Simple black leggings — although always a classic — are facing some competition of stripes and colors. These are easy to pair as you can wear any t-shirt, sweatshirt or tank whether it is to class or even the gym.

Whether you’re looking for a sporty, dressy or edgier look, patterned pants are easier to wear than you may think. Some places with some hot pants are Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Princess Polly and Zara.


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