Personalize It With A Pin

Posted by Forever 21 | @forever21

Be it 90’s chokers, Adidas superstar sneakers or frayed denim, this year’s trends are more versatile and accessible than ever. Valley has the newest addition to this hot list of trends: enamel pins.

They’ve been around seemingly forever, but these are more than your grandma’s pins — although a vintage find is always a win. The enamel pins of today are so varied that there is literally one — or five — for everyone. Still obsessing over Stranger Things on Netflix? There’s a pin for that. Want everyone to know that you are constantly ‘salty,’ about life? There’s a pin for that. Just looking for something shiny and small to add a little sparkle to the boring pieces in your wardrobe? There’s a thousand pins for that.

There’s been a collective appreciation for pins growing in the fashion world over the past couple years. Niche pin creators and collectors have been popping up on Instagram and in Etsy shops by the hundreds and each creator has their own special vibe.

Most pins are priced affordably around the $10 mark, so making the decision to purchase isn’t as devastating as trend buys usually are. The best part is pins last forever and easily carry from season to season. You can purchase pins in store or online at specialty boutiques, even in vintage shops!

So, now that you have all your pins, what should you do with them? The options are limitless, but the most common trendy way is to adorn your denim jacket — covering the back, decorating the sleeves, or just placing a couple on the front chest pocket. You can also mix it up and throw them on your Converse, dress up your backpack, or personalize any other accessory.

Pins are a great, kitschy way to spice up a simple look super quickly. Even if you only have a few, you can switch them out whenever the mood strikes you, to create endless new looks. You can also jump into one of the pin trading clubs that exist online and exchange the ones you’ve grown tired of with new ones from someone else, for absolutely no cost!

Whether you’re looking for a goofy pin or a trendy one, there’s a million different kinds and plenty to fit your own unique personality and wardrobe. Embrace the individuality of this trend, find the pin that speaks to you and stick it on your style in the way that best suits you!