Brand Spotlight: Rodale’s Organic Clothing

Photo by Martin Luo

Today, it seems everyone wants to live ‘sustainably’, but what exactly does that mean? Well, we know that buying organic foods and recycling are both awesome ways to help the environment and care for our bodies, but it doesn’t have to end there. We have the chance to choose organic over conventional everyday in many aspects of our lives — including what we wear. Valley is here to tell you about Rodale’s, an organic clothing supplier that can help you make choices for a healthier, more organic lifestyle.

So we all know why we should eat organic, but buying organic clothing? The perks of choosing organic products as consumers reaches farther than just buying organic food. When you buy organic clothing or cosmetics, you support a brand that creates their products with the smallest amount of damage to the environment and society as possible.

You may recognize Rodale’s name as the publishing company that issues Prevention magazine, Women’s and Men’s Health, Runners World, Organic Life, as well as many more publications. Recently, they’ve entered the fashion world too, when CEO and third-generation organic farmer Maria Rodale created Rodale’s online store. They offer a wide variety of organic clothing, body care and cosmetics, and home goods. A one stop shop for costumers to be well-dressed and environmentally-conscience!

Their online store makes it easy to access a variety of different organic brands. They feature their favorite products in their ‘Looks We Love‘ and ‘Travel Essential’ categories. Rodale’s also posts regular updates with tips for making organic life choices on their ‘R Blog’.

Maria Rodale, CEO of Rodale Inc. recommends the brand, C.P. Shades. They offer a line of tunics, dresses, and blouses all made from organic cotton, including their new collection which has great pieces for fall! Or perhaps you’re in the market for something a little more intimate, in which case you should pick up a bralette by Only Hearts, a NYC-based lingerie company that features an organic cotton line.

Head over to Rodale’s to check out more organically produced pieces and cosmetics. This season, get on board and add a sustainably crafted piece to your wardrobe — every smart purchase makes a difference!