The Secret to Healthy Summer Hair: Hair Masks

We’ve all heard the age-old advice, “Invest in your hair, you wear it everyday.” After all, it’s no secret that straightening, curling, teasing, dyeing and styling all suck out vital nutrients and moisture from our lovely locks.

If you’re guilty of committing any of the above hair damage, don’t get yourself too worked up because hair masking has allowed us to make amends to our manes. Valley’s here to give you insight on this hydrating savior!

A hair mask does for your hair what a face mask does for your face: it restores crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients that have been stripped away by heat products, over-washing and chemicals. It goes beyond a regular conditioner by replacing proteins, preventing ends from splitting and imbuing hydration to colored or damaged strands.

“Hair masks are great for repairing all different types of damage to the hair, especially hair that has been color-treated,” says Sierra Serfass, stylist at Smart Style Beauty Salon.

Your first step is to know what you’re investing in. Naturally, hair masks will be a little more expensive than regular conditioners, given they pack a bigger punch in every use. BUT WAIT. Don’t be so quick to ditch your old conditioner as masking only needs to be done about once per week!

Note: Beware of conditioners claiming to be masks. If it requires daily use, it’s probably closer to a regular conditioner than a complete hair mask. Check out your local salon for help finding the right one for you!

Valley recommends ‘It’s a 10! Miracle Hair Mask’ on Amazon (not as pricy), which you use once a week after shampooing regularly. Leave it in anywhere from one to 15 minutes, and thoroughly rinse afterwards. Tip: For extra protection, use a heat protectant spray before blow drying.

Orrr…make your own! (Who doesn’t love a DIY?!) Check out Pinterest or for instructions on how to make a creamy avocado mask with ingredients such as: avocado (obv), milk and olive oil!

The summer heat doesn’t have to get the best of your locks this season. While you’re busy staying hydrated, make sure your hair is too!