Talking Chokers with Albright Beads

Photo by Ann Li

Fashion trends are a never-ending cycle, but it seems as though our generation has a particular obsession with the 90s. Whether it’s Chuck Taylor’s, high waisted shorts, or most recently, chokers, we can’t seem to get enough of the 90’s anti-establishment, punk rock, grunge-like fashion statements!

Valley did some research and found out that chokers actually date back to the 1800’s, but they didn’t become a real fashion trend until the 1990’s. Take it back to 1994, when chokers started appearing on any and every woman — famed and un-famed alike.

The modern-day choker has been reinterpreted for the 21st century. Yes, the classic plastic tattoo choker is still present, but the fashion world has been adapting to chokers in new, trendy ways — anything from chunky layered chokers to thin, wrap-around string chokers to fancy jewel-encrusted chokers. It’s 1994 all over again, because everyone — celebrities and college students alike — are wearing chokers again!

The best part about this comeback trend? Chokers are easy to make yourself! Valley sat down with Penn State student and entrepreneur, Jordan Albright, to find out more. Albright is a Sophomore at Penn State and has recently started up a small homemade jewelry-making business, Albright Beads, with her younger sister. The business is based out of Jamison, PA and the local State College area.

Albright Beads advertises for it’s homemade jewelry via Instagram (@AlbrightBeads), and they’ve recently gained a lot of attention for their chokers. Offering a variety of different shapes and colors, the Albright sisters have turned their hobby into a thriving business.

When asked what inspired them to start such a business, Albright said, “One night this past summer, my sister and I were watching The Bachelorette after a trip to Michael’s Craft Store where we had bought tons of cool beads. We decided we would make chokers for ourselves instead of buying overpriced ones elsewhere. Then, we thought other people would like our necklaces too.”

The Albright sisters quickly capitalized on the returning popularity of chokers, and have had orders piling up since their first post to Instagram. Chokers are everywhere right now, so you can make your own or check out unique styles at places like Albright Beads to be a part of this once-again ubiquitous 90s trend.