Spring Break Vacation Essentials

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Trudging across campus through the snow with many layers and snow boots isn’t necessarily anyone’s favorite activity. Inevitably, there’s going to be more snow. You might even slip on some ice and end up on the ground (hopefully this won’t happen to you). January, along with the rest of the winter isn’t much fun for anyone. However, there’s one thing that we can all look forward to to get us through the grueling winter: Spring Break. Here’s a list of the accessories you need for any Spring Break vacation.


Bathing suit

If you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere warm, this one’s a must. Check out stores like Target or Victoria’s Secret for some great styles and prints.

Sailor striped anything

According to many fashion sources, these stripes are going to have a “big moment” this fashion season. Start looking for how you can incorporate them into your look!

Tie-dye anything

Glamour sat down with trend-spotter Marian Salzman who predicted that a “hippie, free love” movement will be a trend in the coming months.

A bold mini dress

Salzman also said that “bright, printed minidresses” will be very popular this season. Plus, they’re so fun!

Penn State t-shirt

Show some school spirit and see how far away you can get from Happy Valley while still getting a “we are!” from someone.


Some accessories…

Floppy hat

This classic accessory is cute and will protect your face from the sun.

Cute sandals and/or wedges

“I love how I can complete my outfit in the spring and summer by just throwing on some Jack Rogers or cute wedges,” said freshman Emily Sweigart. Take a cue from her and invest in either some Jack Rogers, Tory Burch sandals or Steve Madden wedges. 


Keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays. A nice tan is always nice, but at least wear some SPF when you’re outside. 


Find the right style for your face, and like shoes, sunglasses can make any outfit so much better.


Whether you like to indulge in a good novel, or stay updated on various celebrities’ lives, a good book or magazine will keep you busy on the beach or wherever your spring break takes you.


We still have some winter to get through before spring break arrives, but hopefully a little spring shopping can lift your mood as the snow keeps falling down in Happy Valley.


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