The Evolution of Man-Buns

Man-buns have officially become the hottest trend of the year. Men all over the world have started growing their hair long and putting it into no, not a ponytail, but a bun! Athletes, actors and boy bands, have jumped on the man-bun wagon and embraced the trendy look.

Man-buns didn’t just appear in 2015. Let’s embark on the journey of the shaggy yet put-together, attractive, mysterious poof of man-hair that is the man-bun. (But first, a moment of silence for Jared Leto’s hair.)

480 B.C.E.

There may not be any photos of Buddha to prove this, but every painting and statue of him has one thing in common: a man-bun. At six feet tall, with a golden brown complexion and coal black hair tied into a sleek bun on the top of his head, Buddha was definitely a looker. His man-bun was so important it even received it’s own name – the ushnisha. Some people believe he received the ushnisha when he reached enlightenment. Who knew Buddha was such a trendsetter?


Man-buns started to reappear in the 90s. Li Shang, the Chinese army captain in Disney’s Mulan, was one of the first cartoon characters to rock the man-bun. He opted for a no-nonsense bun with not one misplaced hair. Li Shang used a stylish red ribbon to complete the look. Shang rocked the man-bun throughout the entire movie and used it to win over Mulan.


Man-bun mania officially began in the 2000s. Athletes like Tom Brady and David Beckham wore them on and off the field. Brad Pitt pulled his hair into a bun while married to Angelina Jolie. Orlando Bloom rocked a loose, curly man bun while married to a Victoria’s Secret model. Russell Brand – although he is kind of irrelevant in general – had a man bun while married to Katy Perry. Do you see the pattern? Grow a man-bun and you’re bound to get the girl.

Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhall and Leonardo DiCaprio are just a few more of Hollywood’s finest to sport the man-bun over the years.


Now, everywhere you look, you see a man-bun. One Direction proudly supports the man-bun, with Harry Styles and Zayn Malik modeling it. Sometimes, Harry even puts a spin on the look, wearing a half-up, half-down man-bun. Chris Hemsworth has a beautiful, blonde bun and he was voted Sexiest Man Alive. Penn State students have also started rocking man-buns all over campus. Some opt for scruffy buns while others go for more of a sleek, polished look.

Man-buns may have changed over the years, but they have one thing in common: they are just so good great looking!


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