Penn State’s Weirdest Trick-Or-Treat Treasures

Photo by Hunter Talpas

Nothing says Halloween quite like trick-or-treating. Trick-or-Treat is a time of happiness and sugar rushes for kids all over the country. As Halloween rolls around, we all reminisce on the one night of the year where we were allowed to eat 12 Kit Kats and throw away handfuls of nasty Almond Joys and candy corn.

However, Some students at Penn State weren’t even lucky enough to make it away with an Almond Joy. Valley talked to Penn State students about some of the weirdest things they received during Trick-or-Treat.

Brianna Simons, Junior

“A lot of dentists live in my neighborhood and they would always give us toothbrushes and no candy. It got to the point where sometimes we would skip houses because we knew we were going to get toothbrushes. But we didn’t get cavities.”

Pedro Roch, Junior

“I expected candy but someone gave me a pencil instead. Who wants a pencil instead of candy?”

Angie Koval, Senior

“A six-pack of Thomas English Muffins.”

Alec Heninger, Junior

“This one guy used to give us whatever spare change he had in his pockets. I think the most I ever got was seven cents.”

Hunter Williams, Junior

“I got mac and cheese. I was thrilled.”

Jackie Zoppo, Junior

“Someone gave me carrots and ranch. I wasn’t happy because I was focused on the chocolate.”

Emily Hagan, Sophomore

“I got a pack of prayer cards and I was not a happy camper.”

Richie Wiltshire, Junior

“An old lady gave me a pack of staples and gave my friends some yarn. She looked a little confused so we just took it and said thank you.”

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