‘Om’ My God

ShantelleWilliams.FindingYourZen01After a long, relaxing summer, it’s time to dive back into our routines. Busy with 8 a.m. classes, late-night parties and looming exam dates, it’s easy to get swept away by stress. Recently re-popularized, yoga has received rave reviews for its ability to calm the mind, focus our breathing and ease tension.

This semester, squeeze back into your Lululemon groove pants and give yoga a chance. You can find your Om anytime, anywhere – on Campus and in State College, at least.

Fitness Yoga @ Penn State White Building

Conveniently located on-campus and offered every day, Fitness Yoga classes are perfect for the non-purist athlete. Expect to practice a wide range of yoga poses in this class, which will challenge your mind and muscles. If you’re looking to improve your strength and stability, Fitness Yoga is a great way to get started without the more intense meditation associated with the practice.

Lila Yoga Studios

To achieve a deeper sense of relaxation, try a class offered at a local studio. Often times, these classes are more focused on meditation and controlling the breath to achieve a state of Zen. Lila Yoga Studios, located downtown at 103 Beaver Avenue, offers several classes a day, ranging from Gentle Yoga (a practice associated with deep stretching at a slow, careful pace) to level II-III (intermediate to advanced level poses). Because the studio is privately owned, you can expect smaller class sizes and more individualized attention. Lila even offers Penn State students a discounted rate, making it possible to find your Om on any budget.

Yoga Studio App

If you’re a yogi on budget or merely pressed for time, roll up that yoga mat and head to the App Store. The Yoga Studio app, available on iTunes for $2.99, is a must-have for the busy collegiate. The app offers 30 ready-made yoga classes ranging from beginner to advanced as well as a library of over 280 poses. Accessible on the iPhone and iPad, you’re essentially able to practice yoga on your own time, place and pace! In 2012, Yoga Studio was even rated as a must-have health and fitness app by MSN and named, “one of the best yoga apps out there”.

Using yoga as means of stress management can be extremely beneficial to the mind and body and with huge amounts of accessibility it’s easier than ever to beat the blues. Follow Valley’s recommendations to experience your most relaxing semester yet!

Photo by Shantelle Williams 


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