Let’s Get Deep: Bold, Dark Fall Make Up Made Easy

SiruWen.RedLip1With the passing of labor day comes fall – the changing of the leaves, the chill that creeps into the air, and, perhaps most excitingly, the start of a new season for makeup and clothing.

Fall styles tend to follow the same lines every year: designers mimic the changing of the leaves with their clothing as well as their make up looks. During fall, dark, rich colors like eggplant, emerald green, copper, wine and deep browns own the style scene, and while they may be intimidating – especially for students!–their natural warmth radiates off of almost every skin tone.

So while you may think that trying an intense copper eye or a deep berry lip will make you look like an escaped mental patient, this is the year you should broaden your make up horizons!

The Bold Lip

True, a dark lip can be extremely intimidating; it’s vampy, it’s extremely high fashion, and quite frankly it’s a commitment–people are going to look! But, a deep berry or red lip will also show that you are confident enough in yourself to rock something so intense!

So once you’ve embraced the diva in you and you’ve decided to give the look a try, don’t just go out and buy whatever shade you see in a magazine. Depending on your skin tone, the shade that is ideal may be lighter or darker than the colors advertised on runways.

It’s important to pick a shade that compliments your skin tone and doesn’t wash you out.  Additionally, Kristy Isenberg, a licensed aesthetician at Ulta, recommends a neutral eye: “A neutral eye can still look really pretty when you have a bright lip,” says Isenberg. “And you can darken up the eye and pair it with a dark lip too, which is always fabulous to go out in.”

Try: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame ($22), or Covergirl LipPerfection Lip Color in Euphoria ($5.95)

A word to the wise: ALWAYS wear a lip liner with a deep lipstick! It will prevent it from bleeding or smudging around the edges!

Deep Purple Eyes

“Plum looks best with dark eyes,” comments Isenberg. “I would do dark in the corner of your eye and then gradually get lighter. You kind of ombre your eye: dark to light but work from the outside in.” And while deep purples do look best in large doses on dark eyes, a thick purple liner can be a really nice change up from the same old black for blue, and especially green and hazel eyes, as purple does a really nice job of enhancing greens.

Rose Gold

A golden, rosy glow looks wonderful when paired with copper eyes for fall, or to lighten up the intensity of a dark eye or lip, which without the right cheek color can easily wash you out. Isenberg recommends Benefit’s new Rockateur blush ($28) to give all skin tones a rosy glow: “Rockateur is a gorgeous fall color, it works on every single skin tone. It gives a nice glow, and only the top layer is shimmery, so it’s great for people who like a matte blush as well.”

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