No Internship, No Problem

JessiKorch_InternshipsAs the school year winds down, everyone is starting to finalize their summer plans. For some, that will be spending the summer at a tropical beach and for others, that will be getting a head start on jobs by interning. Unfortunately, with an entire country of college students eagerly applying for internships, not everyone will be lucky enough to get one of those coveted positions. However, there are still ways that you can have a productive summer and still work toward your ultimate career goals.

Shadow a Professional

Even if you don’t get an internship, you can still shadow a professional in your field of interest and learn firsthand what it would take to work in that profession. Many professionals are used to this and have absolutely no problem allowing a student to follow them around. Don’t forget to leave a good impression and take a business card because you never know when that connection may come in handy.

Get a Summer Job

Let’s face it, college is expensive and many of us don’t have jobs during the school year. For these students, the summer is the perfect time to recharge your bank accounts and get ready for a new school year. If possible, get a summer job that is somewhat related to your field of choice. Like fashion? Try working in a boutique. If animals are more of your calling, then work at a shelter or veterinary office. Whatever you do, make it count.

Improve Your Resume

It’s never too early to get ready for next summer. Bump up your resume by learning a useful skill, volunteering or getting a job. Do absolutely anything that can help you get that internship the following summer. If possible, try having a mock interview with someone that can give you good and useful feedback.

Start a Blog

Blogs are the easiest way to get yourself out there and start building your online profile. You can keep everything in one place and start reaching out and networking with professionals in your field. Before you know it, you will have a strong online presence and you can even upload a portfolio of your work so that other may view. As always, be careful what you post because you never know who may be looking at your blog.

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