Nix the Negativity

The end of the semester blues seem to hit around this time every year. We come back from break and we’re on campus for a couple weeks or so before going home for a longer, much needed Christmas break. As the end of the semester comes to a head, it’s normal to feel tired, overworked and ultimately done with everything you’ve been put through for the last three and a half, nearly four months. All of the feelings and emotions you’ve hid away that have been caused by schoolwork or friends come to the surface, and you feel like a break is the only thing to relieve you at this time.

Time away from reality, per se, gives you the opportunity to think about how to make your life better for yourself, and to not worry about pleasing others. The first step in doing this is to distance yourself from all things negative — whether that includes friends, relationships, bad habits or even social media. Removing things from your life that can be toxic for your well-being can point you in the right direction in feeling better about yourself; it’s all about self-care.

You may think it’s not that easy to just drop people or things from your life that fast, though. Sometimes you may not even realize that certain people or things are causing you to feel bad because you’re so blinded by the emotions. When it comes down to this, though, it’s best to take a step back and ask yourself, “Will these people help me get to where I want to be in five years?” or even ask yourself, “Do I need to do this to be successful in the future?” It’s important to look at your life in the long run and decide if how you feel in the present will affect how you will feel in the future.

Cutting people off — as negative as it may sound — is often the solution to your problems. During this time in your life, as a young adult, it’s important to surround yourself with positive people who only want the best for you and will encourage you to do anything you want to do. If you surround yourself with people who only want to tear you down and do nothing but neglect you and your feelings, then they’re not the type of people you want in your life. You have to recognize your own greatness and not measure it to the standard of what other people may think.

With time, it may become easier to rid your life of negativity, especially caused by negative people. Putting yourself first is of the utmost importance, because in the end, it’s okay to be selfish and take care of yourself. Your feelings will always matter, so don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.


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