Musing with Manouska: Revamping the DIY lace T-shirt

Our culture is crazy love-obsessed, wearing our hearts on our sleeves and being suckers for a great Disney-movie happy ending (guilty!). There’s no surprise that with Valentine’s Day here, indulging in all things pink, purple, sweet and chocolaty is unavoidable.

So this year, instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, celebrate with a heart on your back.

I’ve put a V-Day twist on the lace T-shirt featured in the Fall 2011 print issue of Valley. It’s all about creative style versatility, and doing it up with a sexy-chic laced back is only the beginning. Try different patterns that will not only set the mood but will also cater to your sense of style. Enjoy, sweethearts!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 T-shirt
11” x 15” piece of fabric
Washable marker
Fabric glue

Step 1: Begin by turning your T-shirt inside out.

Step 2: On the back of the tee, about 5 inches from the neckline, use your marker to draw your desired shape. To get it just right, make a stencil you can trace. (Great shape ideas: heart, square, rectangle, oval, diamond, vertical hexagon, star.)

Step 3: Using scissors, cut out the shape you just drew.

Step 4: Apply fabric glue all along the perimeter of your shape as you lay down the lace a little at time. Make sure you place a cardboard inside the shirt so that the fabric glue doesn’t make contact with the front. It’s best to apply the glue a little at a time so it doesn’t dry out. Press the lace down on top.

Step 5: After you have secured your lace with fabric glue, trim the excess.

Step 6: Allow the freshly glued shirt to dry for about 6 to 12 hours.

Step 7: Turn your T-shirt inside out again and enjoy!

Photo by Yuting Zhang

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