How to be classy like the “Classiest Club on Campus”

They are the self-proclaimed “Classiest Club on Campus.” They pride themselves on dressing outlandishly, and most importantly, they aren’t afraid to “go there.”

So who are these well-dressed guys who pride themselves on their stylish apparel? They are the boys of Penn State’s very own Club Croquet team, and they’re here to tell you how they keep your wardrobe classy and sophisticated.

Founded in 2010 by now juniors John Bauer, Mike Bellfiglio, Robert Mitchell, Mike Still, Dan Kelly and Chris Squeglia, aside from their love of croquet, the club members have bonded over always looking their personal finest.

Clearly from Valley’s photo shoot with them, these guys have no fashion fear. Argyle socks, suspenders and jorts (jean shorts) are just a few of their wardrobe essentials.

Among the club’s favorite brands are Polo by Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers and Sperry Top-Sider. While each member has their own innovative style, they all tend to follow the same advice: “If you personally think it’s hot, wear it.”

As for the rest of the student population, their advice is pretty simple: Dress preppy on the weekends, wear less buttons and sleeves as the night goes on and stick with lots of pastels. And, at least for Club Croquet, “The whole ‘no white after labor day’ doesn’t count for us,” said Bauer.

In addition to preppy staples, the team has matching pinnies, one for each season. These pinnies are a favorite with jorts and Sperrys, the team says. To keep the team looking fresh, they also stay away from jeggings, Ed Hardy clothing and anything a hipster would wear. This method seems to work for the team, and as one member said, “Most people think we’re pretty hot.”

Despite the fact that all of the young men were dressed impeccably, the club voted Matt Washko the best dressed member of the house. Resembling a young Keanu Reeves, Washko dressed up for the occasion by wearing his finest suit.

For anyone left wondering why Club Croquet dresses so well, according to this energetic group of guys, competition doesn’t just come on the croquet field; they compete every day in the game of life. As such, it’s always important to dress the part.

So take a lesson from Penn State’s most refined club, and always keep it classy.

Photo by Yuting Zhang

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