Movin’ On 2018: Daya Takes the Stage by Force

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“We’re missing you, we’re missing you, what did we do- did we do?” On the radio those lyrics may be slightly altered, but after Daya’s performance on Friday night, we just can’t help these feelings. The Pittsburgh native graced the stage for the 2018 Movin’ On Music Festival, and after her performance sadly came to a close, we were all left wanting more.

Her voice echoed through the microphone, and the excited rush of students pushed their way towards the front of the stage. Opening up with her song, “Dare,” the audience immediately filled the atmosphere with her songs lyrics. Song after song, the audience sang along to her voice as we all stood underneath the night sky.

With every song she performed, Daya gave us a little back story. A story to understand her words more, to understand her journey — a little sneak peak into her life.

With her song titled, “New,” you felt the hurt in her voice as she spoke of the reasoning behind the lyrics. The catchy song centered around how she dove into a past relationship too fast, leaving the person too early, ultimately regretting that decision later. To put it plain and simple, it’s about missing someone.

Her pain and hurt, transformed into her favorite type of art — music … music that connected us with her each time she sang one of her songs. Within each song was a piece everyone singing along could relate to.

She graced the stage, performing some of her hit songs including  “I Wanna Know,” “Hide Away” and a cover of Julia Michaels’ hit song, “Issues.” With each step she took on stage, the crowd eagerly followed her, smiling and singing.

“Hide Away” was her first song that she released on a major scale while she was still in high school. The hit song was released three years ago which really brought her into the spotlight.

She humbly spoke into the mic that everyone at her school, including her teachers, played her song. The support she received when her first song came out really encouraged her to continue chasing after her dreams — a dream she has held onto since she was three years old, working hard to make come it her reality.

Closing the show a little early due to inclement weather, she spoke about the many obstacles she has conquered to get her where she is today and how the people singing the words to her song made it possible for her to live her dream. ‘Thank you’ after ‘thank you’ echoed through the grassy IM

\Posted by @heyychelss on Instagramfields, as she closed her performance in the most humble way possible.


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