Fans Haven’t Stayed Silent about “A Quiet Place”

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You may know John Krasinski as funny guy Jim from “The Office,” who charmed us all with his hilarious pranks on Dwight and his pursuit of true love with Pam. However, his more recent accomplishments in the acting/directing realm indicate that his role as Jim won’t be the only thing he’ll be known for

Posted by @aquietplacemovie on Instagram

Krasinski directed and starred in the horror movie “A Quiet Place,” acting alongside his wife Emily Blunt who you may know from a variety of blockbusters like “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Into the Woods” or “The Girl on the Train.” Anyone who claimed that husband and wife shouldn’t work together in the entertainment industry has not yet seen “A Quiet Place.”

The movie is about a family trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic era ravaged by creatures who hunt humans from the sounds that they create. As the trailer says, “if they hear you, they hunt you,” so Krasinski’s and Blunt’s characters must protect their family and try to forge a normal a life by making as little sound as possible. The chemistry between Krasinski and Blunt is very evident on-screen as the two expertly convey a married couple who care about each other and their children more than anything else in this world.

As if the circumstances of this dystopian universe weren’t challenging enough, the family faces many obstacles throughout the film that provide a legitimate edge-of-your-seat thrilling experience. “A Quiet Place” does have its fair share of shocking jump moments, but what really sets this movie above the rest of the films in this genre is the way it sets up truly anxiety-inducing scenarios … the kind of scenarios that make you feel a sense of how genuinely terrifying it would be if you were in the characters’ shoes.

The young girl of the family is deaf, posing an extreme difficulty in a world where each small sound could mean certain death. Blunt’s character gets pregnant, and anyone who has had a child or knows anything about the birthing process can understand how excruciatingly difficult it would be to have a silent labor, let alone managing the sounds of a newborn child. No matter the situation was, “A Quiet Place” does not go easy on its audience in terms of creating an easy watching environment, and that’s what makes the film so good.

Overall, VALLEY highly recommends a trip to the movie theaters to see the new horror film, “A Quiet Place.” Though you could wait until it leaves the theatre to watch in On Demand or online, this is the kind of movie that offers an experience, one that is only enhanced by the atmosphere of a theatre.


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