Movin’ On 2018: Mick Jenkins Rocks Stage

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Smooth and talented, Mick Jenkins rocked the Movin’ On crowd as the second performer of the annual festival. The Chicago MC is best known for his epic collaboration with Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa on the song “Cross Roads” from back in 2016. He proved his talent on stage as he had the crowd waving their glow sticks in the air, dancing and screaming through his upbeat commentary and music.

Rocking a plain white T-shirt and stylish sweatpants, Jenkins hyped up the crowd with his first song “Free Nation Rebels,” which caused the crowd to shake and the stage lights to add some extra heat. “If you know it sing it with me,” says Jenkins as he led into his next song, “Jazz.”

Jenkins was signed to Cinematic Music Group back in 2015 and has since released the EP “Wave[s]” and his first debut album entitled “The Healing Component” in 2016. The album not only gained him credibility in the music industry, but led him to the number nine spot on the R&B and hip-hop top chart in 2016.

Posted by @psumovinon on Instagram

During his Movin’ On performance, Jenkins repeated the motto of spreading love and diminishing hate throughout the world. The soulful rapper dedicated his first album to the idea of loving others. “[The album] is based on the idea that love is the answer,” says Jenkins, “Ya’ll can really feel the love in the room right now.” His anthem “Spread Love” captured the audience and had them repeating the phrase all performance long.

Many concert-goers loved the hip-hop artist and his performance, including senior Lauren Caldwell. “Movin’ On was definitely a different experience this year because I didn’t know Mick Jenkins until now. He definitely made my last weekend here at Penn State memorable with all my friends,”says Caldwell, surrounded by her friends who agreed with her.

The audience was pleased to hear that Jenkins plans on releasing his next album later this year.

Movin’ On will be back again next spring with a brand new line up of artists ready to make Penn State go wild.

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