Mid-Semester Cleaning

CleaningTipsMaryDuggan “Some clean, others don’t clean well,” said Rick Dunlap of TNT Cleaning Services when asked how students clean their dorm rooms and apartments. Dunlap told us that when he gets called in, he has to clean EVERYTHING because all spots are missed. However, do you know the common spots that you miss when you are cleaning? We aren’t talking about the obvious like vacuuming, doing the dishes or laundry, but the stuff you forget about that you really shouldn’t.

Think of how many times you use the same cleaning supply. The broom that has cleaned your dirt covered floor, the grimy sponges that get the toughest dried ketchup marks loose. I bet you never thought about cleaning that. Well, now you should. After a couple of uses you should make it a point to clean out your vacuum and clean out your broom’s bristles. For the sponges you can clean them in the dishwasher a few times, but it’s best to replace them every few weeks–if you don’t they will start to smell! However, if you are more into using the dishwasher as opposed to the old fashioned way, you need to remember to clean that as well. If you add vinegar to a load of dishes or simply put it in the dishwasher, it will clean the machine. This way, it can operate better, which makes for shinier, spotless dishes.

Next, you should clean the items you touch and use every day. Let’s start with the light switches, do you know how many times you or your roommates touch them? Well I’m sure it’s every time it’s dark…and that’s every night! Use a Clorox wipe or Lysol sanitizing spray to sanitize and switch them to clean. Also, do this to your remotes, door knobs, and sink handles.

While you’re looking out your window, clean the blinds! Dust settles on those puppies faster than you can pull them up to see. When you do pull them up, take the time to wipe off your window sill as well.

In the bathroom, don’t forget to clean under the toilet seat. You can never be sure what will make its way under there. Check your toothbrush holder as well. Sometimes, the excess water can leave a sticky residue in the bottom of the container. Also, replace your toothbrushes and loofas every month or after every cold you develop. You want to be sure that what you are using to clean your body is clean itself.

In the kitchen you usually overlook the appliances. Make sure you are cleaning the microwave, especially the “ceiling” of it. When you don’t cover the food you are cooking, often times it is set to explode. It’s okay that you’re so hungry you forget to clean it then (which is recommended because it will wipe off easier), but now that you have time, wipe it clean! Next is the refrigerator inside and out. I can imagine unless you are 6’4” you can’t see over the top of it. However, a lot of gross stuff has probably made a home up there. Use a chair or step ladder to reach that spot. Also, the inside of the fridge needs some attention. Sometimes your juice spills or your lettuce escapes and gets stuck in the back. Empty the fridge once in a while and clean the shelves so you know your food is stored in a clean space. It is also a good idea to put a box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb the odor caused by some of your foods.

After you throw away all of the cleaning supplies you used, there is still one more spot. You guessed it! The trash can. After all, it does hold trash. Make sure to wipe it clean or sanitize if every few weeks. It can even help keep the odor to a minimum. When mid-semester cleaning, remember to get these spots and you will be in good shape!


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